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"Your watch - a smile for children"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Year 2001 is a very special time for our firm. We are celebrating our 60th anniversary. For six decades, we've been selling and repairing watches at the same location, in Slawkowska Street in Krakow, right next to the historic Main Market Square.

Our firm is one of the oldest in Poland. We've made it through the difficult times of the communist rule and through the rapid economic changes of the late 1990s. Now, that we are successfully heading towards the New Millenium, we would like to help others, those who must work especially hard to overcome the obstacles in their everyday lives.

On the joyous occasion of our 60th anniversary, we would like to sponsor a Celebrity Watch Auction, with all profits designated for the benefit of blind children in Krakow. We are hoping the event, planned for early November, will raise enough funds to provide a state of the art computer lab for the children and hopefully fulfill their other needs.

Try closing your eyes for just five minutes and perform a few simple tasks, like dialing a friend's phone number, walking down a stairway or pouring a glass of milk. What does it feel like? Helpless? Angry? You're an adult. Can you imagine a child having to cope with all this on a daily basis?

We have decided to turn to celebrities in Poland and all over the world to donate one of their used watches to our auction. They don't have to be expensive, brand name watches. If the watch is broken and doesn't work anymore, we will try to repair it. My we ask that celebrities include with their gift a little handwritten note confirming the watch really belonged to them, explaining when they wore it, and what memories it brings to mind. We would also greatly appreciate an autographed picture.

You may rest assured all profits from the auction will be immediately deposited to the blind children's fund. We will inform all donors about the cash value their gift reached at the auction. All celebrity watches will be displayed on our web site.

We cannot give the blind children what they need the most, the ability to see, but we can try to make their lives easier. With your help, we can make it happen.

Best regards,

Teresa i Wojciech STROJNY

we care of who helped auction protocol

31-014 Kraków, ul. Sławkowska 10
tel. +48 (12) 426 96 40