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Ladies and Gentlemen

One of our greatest achievements for year 2001, was sponsoring of a charity Celebrity Watch Auction (details). It took place in Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow (link do oficjalnej strony?) and all profits were designated for the benefit of blind children..We've raised about 130 000 PLN and we've bought 30 Braille typing machines and a van to ensure them safe traveling. It was a great success!!!

Our greatest dream was to ask our beloved Holly Father John Paul II to donate a watch for our auction. But we haven't had an idea how to do it. Cardinal Franciszel Macharski was the "God Father" of the auction in 2001, he has been the first person who has donated a watch, so we asked him for help. In 2002 Pope John Paul II visited Poland and our letter was handed to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, who supported our request. And it Happend!!!

We were given a very unusual watch that belonged to John Paul II. The photo was hand signed by his holiness, what makes this item even more precious.

The watch was hand made by a German manufacture to commemorate Pope's 80th birthday. It doesn't have hands but a small pearl that shows the time. Watche's face is made of a unique, golden coin. It has been made in a very limited number of pieces, ordered by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Pope's personal wish was to donate all the profit form the auction for the blind children from St.Theresa'a School in Rabka. Of course we wanted to inform John Paul II about results of our project, unfortunately, he has passed away. And we had no idea what we should do next. Should we organize this auction, if so when, who else we should ask for a donation. So many, many questions...

After many conversations we have decided that the auction should take place. We would like to celebrate with this event John Paul's birthday, maybe in 2007. Now we are starting collecting watches. We will keep informing you about all the details. If you can help us anyhow, we would really appreciate it.

Best regards,

Teresa, Małgorzata, Wojciech STROJNY

aukcja 2001 auction 2001

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